Find future crypto winners,
by spying on trending
crypto narratives.

Spy trending crypto narratives.
Detect the next winning cryptos to invest in.

Crypto Narratives refer to the ideas, stories and beliefs that define and categorize crypto type. These narratives can influence investor sentiment, market trends and the adoption of new technologies.

Identifying the right narratives leads to identifying the right cryptos. Crypto narratives are associated to specific cryptos . If you invest in cryptos associated with narratives that's going to develop and grow, the crypto in question will see its valuation & price climb and you'll be the first to benefit.

A narrative-centric approach,
to early-stage crypto detection


The Crypto Narratives Community is the first community of crypto-currency traders focused on monitoring and detecting new crypto narratives and related crypto investments.

Join +450 crypto narratives traders who help each invest in (future) trending cryptos.

Weekly monitoring

The Weekly monitoring is sent out by mail every week. We share with you the latest hot crypto narratives and associated cryptocurrencies likely to be successful.

The newsletter includes crucial information for investors:

1) The 4 narratives in vogue.
2) The 5 cryptos associated with each narrative.
3) The evolution of the ecosystems associated with popular narratives.


The Crypto Narratives Course trains traders to identify fast-growing crypto narratives and spy the latest associated crypto.

The course lasts 6 hours and is divided into 4 chapters:

1) The fundamentals of crypto narrative investing.
2) Detecting emerging narratives.
3) The best tools to monitor and track winning cryptos.
4) Secrets to staying ahead of the market.

Crypto narrative sniper

The Crypto narrative sniper is a tool for identifying the latest crypto narratives in vogue, their associated assets and the evolution of their various metrics (Market-cap, valuation, volume, growth).

The tool, powered-by-AI, enables you to identify  future winning crypto based on trending narratives.

Discover the words of
Crypto Narratives members

Their insights into the trendy crypto stuff are like the secret sauce. Navigating the market feels like a laid-back adventure with the squad. Expert tips are on point, and the community is like a bunch of friends at a kickback. If you’re into crypto, don’t sleep on this platform!

Alison Burgas

Crypto Narratives totally flipped my crypto game! I used to be lost, but now with their vibe on the popular crypto stories, it’s like I found the cheat code. The community feels like a chill hangout, and the expert tips? Straight-up gold. If you’re serious about crypto, this is where it’s at!

Mark Adam

So, Crypto Narratives is like my crypto BFF now. Their take on the latest crypto buzz is spot-on, and it’s changed how I roll in the crypto scene. The community is like a bunch of cool buddies, and the expert advice is like having a wise friend in your corner. Seriously, dive in if you want to level up your crypto game.

Lio Hernandez


       ☑️ Community
       ☑️ Weekly monitoring
       ✖️Crypto narrative sniper

       ☑️ Community
       ☑️ Weekly monitoring
       ☑️ Course
       ✖️Crypto narrative sniper

Coming soon

       ☑️ Community
       ☑️ Weekly monitoring
       ☑️ Course
      ☑️ Crypto narrative sniper

Coming soon


What is Crypto Narratives and how can it benefit investors?

Crypto Narratives is a platform designed to assist investors in identifying and capitalizing on the next trending cryptocurrencies based on popular narratives. Crypto narratives refer to the ideas, stories, and beliefs associated with specific types of cryptocurrencies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, Interoperability, and Parallelization. By understanding and investing in the right narratives, investors can position themselves early and benefit from the subsequent mass adoption, potentially leading to significant returns on their initial investments.

What does each pricing plan offer, and how do they differ?

Crypto Narratives offers three distinct pricing plans:

  • Premium Plan ($49): Provides access to the community and Weekly monitoring, allowing users to stay informed about trending narratives in the crypto space.

  • Pro Plan ($149): Includes community access,  weekly monitoring updates and course content. This plan ensures subscribers receive regular insights into evolving narratives, enhancing their ability to make informed investment decisions.

  • Expert Plan ($249): Encompasses community access, course content, weekly monitoring, and the exclusive “Crypto Narrative Sniper” tool. This tool assists users in identifying and tracking narratives efficiently, empowering them to make timely investment choices.

How does the Crypto narrative sniper tool work?

The Crypto narrative sniper is a specialized tool included in the Expert Plan. It is designed to help users identify and monitor crypto narratives effectively. By utilizing advanced algorithms and real-time data, the tool tracks emerging narratives, providing Expert Plan subscribers with a competitive edge in spotting potentially lucrative investment opportunities. This tool enhances the user’s ability to stay ahead of market trends and capitalize on early-stage narratives.

Can I cancel my subscription, and is there a refund policy?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Crypto Narratives understands the dynamic nature of the crypto market and offers flexibility to its users. Regarding refunds, Crypto Narratives has a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your subscription within the first day, you can contact our support team for a full refund, no questions asked.


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